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We started Swank exotics because we are exotic car enthusiasts just like you. For us, just simply driving one wasn’t enough, we wanted to share the dream with everyone else and see the excitement in our clients’ eyes when they get to drive their dream car.

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About Swank Exotics

  • Riding an exotic car or a luxury car of your choice is your dream? Here, we have some good news for you; Swank Exotics car rental company is available at your service around the clock to fulfill all your wishes in terms of luxury car rentals.

    When it’s come to book exotic car rentals, we are the leading rental car service provider with wide range of top-notch fleets. Swank Exotics cars proudly offer highly professional, cutting-edge exotic car rental experience. Our company is renowned in car rental industry for its wide range of luxury and exotic cars and it’s efficient and customer oriented friendly services.

  • We are the car rental agency in Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, California and offer premium luxury cars to our customers on rents. It’s on our clients to select up their vehicle and wherever they wish to drive in the United States.

    We can fulfill all your requirements in terms of exotic car rentals that is why our customers never leave us and we also maintain our commitments and services to deliver fantastic luxury rental vehicles. Grab your ride & drive away

  • Pomp, power, fun with unforgettable riding experience delivering all aspects of riding is our forte. Swank exotics have all vehicles with multiple ranges assisted by professional folks to ensure you get luxury comforts that you will never forget.

    So, if you are in Los Angeles and looking for exotic and sporty car service provider with the best price, call us and we will make sure you get what you deserve.

  • If you are planning for vacation and eager to drive your dream car, but simultaneously hassling with high priced luxury vehicles, we are the solution for all exotic car rental reservation. We offer diversified range of luxury fleets at the best price.

    Whatever car you are looking for Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Rolls Royce or Lamborghini car rental services offered by us will let you drive your fleet with an attitude and style. Luxury car rental services come with multifarious incredible features including: hot & cold seats, built-in navigation, astounding music system and many more. All our vehicles are affordable and we bet no one can beat our prices.


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Lamborghini Gallardo $1.000

2005 Black Lamborghini Gallardo with E-Gear.

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